Scam Likely lyrics



Whoopty wu whoopty woo whoopty woo

Martin Luther king had a dream about life
I am trynna dream I’m trynna take flight
Keep you a Glock n*ggas creep in the night
They took x he was buying a bike
They took lil snupe for lil to nun
When I spit that fye I feel like I’m bussin
1 in the head no time for clutchin
n*ggas is sweet but sh*t can get ugly

n*ggas talk ars they shoot from afar
n*ggas ain’t gangsta they pretend that they hard
Oh u a robber so now u a star
Fake af like n*gga u fraud
My n*gga just chill u ain’t got no stripes
Parrelel park at ya spot out spite
If it beef I’ll take a bite
Spit on his grave
Make him relive them nights

[VV$ Ken]
I got that drip, I got that click clack POW on my hip, Walk out with sacks from fif roll bust out my Cubans add all them stones make it gliss my Glock is loaded this feel likе assist Florida glowing I’m sss like p*ss if you gon shoot boy u better not miss got sticks that hit you it feel likе a fist I’m in designer I know that im dripping inside my cup purple don’t ask what im sipping (water) lil n*gga I better not catch you slipping cause imma ahh ahh leave you missing I got some hittas they wit me they shottas my wrist is a cuban my necklace is water f*ck that lil hoe tell her I ain’t the father ask for some money b*tch don’t bother call my lil woodey we like zack n Cody say he gon kill me so pus*y come show me cause I keep my cannon loaded tried to rob me but you folded

Whoopty wu
You n*ggas folded
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