Good Wherever I’m At lyrics


Rx Papi

Verse 1 rx papi
Dog sh*t records
You good wherever i'm at
Im strapped crap strapped sh*t everybody strapped
First n move wrong first n get wacked
Ain't nothing but crips in this b*tch
I got a n deal on my wrist
Yellow gold told the jeweler take a p*ss
This not a v6
I don't dance like that but kaws got me bobbling
Drake hit him look like he milly rocking
Hellcat scat pack i got plenty options
Show my ass on the ops i know they watching
That's not his money he photo shopping
My b*tch tell me im oh so toxic
Up the Glock on a opp no compromising
We got more sticks than bin laden
They like damn its pap and shawny bin laden
Might pull up in audi b*tch i been wildin
My whole city know i been bout it
When im in the paint b*tch im ben wallace
Cartier cost 3 times ten thousand
b*tch i f f f f f

Verse 2 shawny binladen
N move wrong and a n got hit
Before he drop he twirled and twist
Arp shoot 5 5 6
That's a whole lotta wickery sh*t could get wicked
With pap and just know he got a stick with it
Jump off the stage and turn a n to a victim
I can see clear through my cartier lenses
Just spent a n whole rap deal on a pendant
Ops outside told lil bro bend it
Get a clip click it but the windows they tinted
Maybach slidin no this sh*t ain't rented
We slide with a big mac
Poppin these percs back to back like theyre tic tacs
Man down all that boy heard was the click clack
We packed em off yea we got that boy gift wrapped
Trap i can't leave it
Whip whip my jackpot ima beat it
This b*tch wanna do crack and she think ima seat it
It's only drug dealers and thugs in this meeting
Opp died told my brother roll a gotti
Breakin bricks down like i know karate
If my ops outside i go tear they lobby
Just got a new mac i don't want that shotty
Slidin this cat not no maserati
And my Glock all black so i call it bobby
Free my ooda he up top and gettin off it
I just put my main fien on to Rx Papi
Spinnin spinnin like im kamikazee
I'll link a thot and make her smoke the block
Ns watching ganging then they always copy
Ns leaches gotta keep em off my body
Be off packs a n feel like rocky
Spot a opp a n up the glocky
Got hoes but i'm not a jockey
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