Reflection Eternal


{*plane soars overhead*}
Ay ay ay ay... {*echoes*}

[Hook: Dion - singing]
Cal-i-forn-ia, hope-you-got-your-gun
If-not-call-one-eight-hundred, HOMICIDE
One-eight-hundred, HOMICIDE
Cal-i-forn-ia, when-you-need-us
You-can-call-us-one-eight-hundred, HOMICIDE
One-eight-hundred, HOMICIDE

[The Game]
I'm a motherf*ckin Aftermath nightmare, wake up motherf*cker
I traded in my black Nike Airs
For a white pair of Converse, Dre let me bomb first
Get out on bail and still make the concert
Ask Eminem, homey I'm Shady
Too much West coast di*k lick it, remember Jay-Z?
"The Chronic" and "Doggystyle" raised me
My life like rock, it was based in the 80's
Red bandana tied around my face
I hope the sh*t don't jam is how gangsters pray
And if God forgives the n*gga that shot Suge
Then all dawgs should go to heaven in my hood
I resurrected this gangster sh*t
And this the motherf*ckin thanks I get?
Every city got Crips and Bloods
But since 'Pac died it ain't been no "California Love"

[Hook] - minus last line

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