Reflection Eternal

"Nothing Less Than"


Ya thats gorgeous right there
Feel like
A young dianne carrel when i walk out or something
Like a young iman before david bowie
Yo yo

[Talib Kweli]

Ayo you know the scene
I bring to the spot myself, no need for go betweens
The flow is mean ,its legendary like the over fiend
Glad that you could make it ,welcome to my hopes and dreams ,yo
Love is an ocean and ya partners the boat
Some get married ,some elope,some hope for a baby cause hope floats yo
I remember dreams from the womb
I had a vision that, when i was born a turntable would be in the room
Pretty nurse on the wanted tunes
A microphone attached to, the umbilical cord , fools runnin threw since i was younger dude
I used write plays ,and cast my cousins in the parts, play the dozens in the park the dream of takin up the art, of mcin
What i lacked in skill i made up in heart, u had to see it man
If i could sit the younger me down in frunna me, i would tell him im da proof but you could be whatever you wanna be
But ask what he want it for ask him if he sure cause everybody wanna rap but some people want it more
Ain't nobody want it more than me ,you can count on that fell behind in school cause i was busy writin battle raps
Used to be the smartest in the class fast, forward six months i was sneakin out the back hangin on flatbush ave
Hate to see my momma cry but still i made her do it
She almost lost faith in me but we through it
Now i make the music
And thats the way to do it
All my hopes and dreams, in flesh the best
Thank you for noticing its nothing less than
Its nothing less than
Its nothing less than

[Mans voice (alto)]
Laaa laa la la laa

[Talib kweli]

Nowadays parents never understand they children
We used to play man hunt in abandoned buildins ,still we hardly crack a smile
The sellin crack in vials, amazing how dey removed the filter from the black and mild, young dumb and actin wild
I went to boardin school ,thats where people send they kids when they ignore the rules
My father got a second job and tried to be promising, back then , alot of young black men respecting guys
Living cheque to cheque was hard but he made it happen, thought i was buggin when i told him i would make it rappin
We didn't have it so we had to learn to live without it
We didn't b*tch we didn't moan we didn't blog about it
Life tried to be him down but he wanna fight ,tought me how to jab wit the left punch with the right
When i was wrong he didn't stop until i got it right i should call my pops tonight
Word , word , word
Im his hopes and dreams in the flesh the best thank you for noticing


Its nothing less than
Its nothing less than
Its nothing less than
Its the best yes

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