P Funk lyrics




[Verse 1]
Back on my bullsh*t, it's a scary sight
I'ma always keep on steppin', you can stay behind (Matt Brick$)
I be thinkin' 'bout the days when I ain't have a dime
When I was selling dimes
When I ain't have a life
I just had a dream I was in the county smoking spice
I be thinkin' 'bout my n*gga, he eighteen fightin' life
I'm sorry, mama, I ain't walk a straight line
If I don't make it, I'ma die trying
I'm on parole, so I'm runnin' lowkey
These n*ggas, they be lying, they ain't really in the streets
Today I'm getting cheese, I don't wanna hear a beep
I just wanna get a bag, stack, and repeat
I was down bad on my ass, on E
They ain't even help mе get back on my feet
And n*gga, on P's, I'm still ridin' with the heat
Thеse n*ggas lyin', they don't even got no beef

[Verse 2: Peysoh]
Activated, most hated, so I'm stayin' protected
I know they want me dead, so I'm keepin' a weapon
Big forty on my hip, who he thinkin' impresssin'?
Knock a n*gga top, yeah, I'm leavin' him guessin'
We takin' back to back trips, why they dyin' like that?
I thought you n*ggas wanted war, why they hidin' like that?
No competition, f*ck the opps, why they tryin' like that?
I'm paranoid, keep it on me, why they eyein' like that?
I heard they want me dead, tell them n*ggas come and do somethin'
I had to toss mine, the homie let me use his fusca
Stay up off these streets, hardheaded, I'm like nunca
They know I never miss, when I slide, you hear trucha
I been— shh for the block, ask the homies, I'm a trophy
Lil' fuse, big gun, better watch how you approach me
Terrorize they block, we 56, them n*ggas know me
I ain't playin' 'bout no war, b*tch, I'll slide by my lonely
[Verse 3]
I ain't worried 'bout no opps
I'm from where bodies drop
Grimey Park, park side, watch me spin a block
All this money I be touchin' make me spin a lot
Whip a brand new coupe and it's fresh out the lot
I'ma get rich, I'ma have to buy the block
I'm off the Wockhardt, I don't even wanna walk
And they chipped the homie, I don't even wanna talk
If you cross the line, end up all in white chalk
Before I signed a deal, I hit the block just to flock
Now I'm hood rich, gettin' money don't stop
I swear I love the hood, but the hood stay hot
Just hit the shop, installed a stash for the Glock
Customize the whip, make sure the speakers knock
Customize the drip, look fly for the thots
Cop the new Rolex with the papers in the box
I spent ten G's on this ice that I got

[Verse 5: Rucci]
Ayy, ayy, I spent thirty-five on this watch that I got
Still ridin' 'round in my mama Benz with a Glock
I ain't got no license, but it's motherf*ck the cops
Bought a house in TJ for my pops Big Tak
Ayy, I'm still poppin' pills, off a jiggy gettin' jiggy
In Paramount f*ckin' 'round with Swifty
I was told to dump the Glock, better make sure it's empty
I'm tryna take a trip to— ayo, pass me the Rémy
Like I said, this a fully, ain't no motherf*ckin' semi
Kill a n*gga, f*ck a b*tch the same night with no jimmy
On your block with Glocks, take that, take that like Diddy
Tryna get away from this gangster sh*t, but it's in me
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