En El Borde (Versión Remix) lyrics


Gustavo Cerati

On the edge
Yes, I'm on the edge
Caught in the wedge
Falling off that ledge
This thing called love
Keeps me on the border

Don't want no more
I'm on the rim
I'm on the rim
I need a trim on this thing

This thing called love
This thing called love

Mirada ausente
No debería
No hay sosiego
En este tiempo

Viola un cristal

Mujer sin piedad

Acostumbrado encuentro
Frío impuntual
Registra el cielo
Todo lo que puedе amar

I'm on the edge and I just don't carе
You find me here
Or you find me there
'Cos things are really taking their turn
And I just don't know if I will be burned
So take a look inside you see
And you will see that you are not me
So take it easy
And don't be so
So so so

On the edge
Yes, I'm on the edge

Take it easy quite desperation
And you will see
That there's no isolation
History of love, later we'll try
And this an that
But mostly lies
So if you want me
To be that way
Say say say
I'm on the edge
En el borde
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