Want Me (Remix) lyrics



Fah, fah
Fah, fah
Fah, fah
Fah, fah-fah, fah

Hit a n*gga up, call it 2Pac
She tryna play my song on the boom box
I'm in the back and I'm chillin' with two thots
Look at that girl like, "Man, that b*tch too hot"
Shout out to Autumn 'cause I got two Glocks (VDV got it)
Jumped off the porch, now I'm on the rooftop
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Bad lil' b*tch and she givin' me knowledge
Shawty real fine and she go to college
Might give that girl all the money in my wallet
Me and my n*ggas, you know that we ballin'
I brought a .40 and bro brought the MAC in
Me and my n*ggas, yeah, we never lackin'
.40 gon' make that boy dance, Michael Jackson
n*ggas is mad cause the paper I'm stackin'
It's gettin' real messy, think I need a napkin
Told that boy Millie K, he gon' hand me the MAC-10
No, I'm not a Crip, but I get it crackin'
If I see a ho, I'ma blow her back in
Look at your boy, you know that I'm paper chasin'
I'm soundin' like Dami, no reparations
Me and my bros goin' on vacation
Like Quavo, I can't wait to say that we made it
Call me Santana cause I stay on go
I'm sorry, bro, I ain't tried to steal your flow
I'm 4'2" in real life, I stand on my money, I'm 5'2"
Yo' ass been talkin', can't wait 'til we find you
I stick to yo' ho just like she some fine glue
No King Von, but n*gga, she mine too

[Verse 2: Viorin]
Your girl want me cuz I'm stacking up the paper
I ain't no gold digger I said "See ya later"
I feel like like Soroin cuz all these n*ggas really be off the radar
I feel like Summrs, wasn't born on summer
I got the Glocks you know I'm a gunner
Got one way like Autumn, wasn't born on autumn but I still really like to vibe to gunna
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