ON FIRE lyrics


805 Enavol

Uh, 8-805, finna set this sh*t on fire
Lookin‘ pus*y with the boots and the custom new attire
I got a Glock loaded up in my Lagerfeld hoodie
Yeah, I‘m a sick b*tch, only f*ckin‘ big bad bullies (woah)
A-always fly with the sha-a-a-a-ades on
Tommy gun pus*y with the bra-a-a-a-akes on
Bavi hoe, suckin’ all them yankees with a cape on
Whe-when I take a shot, send them b*tches to the grave, hoe
I-I’m real as sh*t, you could never compare
I got fans up in Cali, throwin‘ ass in Bel Air
I got fans down under, shoutout Sydney, take care
And if you pull up lookin‘ hot, might just swallow your sperm, ayy

Take it in the throat, that‘s what you can‘t do
Th-th-they say I‘m a dope dеaler, damn true
In fact, I take a dollar from a man who
P-p-puts it in my pus*y and my ass, too
Call mе faggot, motherf*cker, I don‘t give a sh*t
I had it cut off and I still got a bigger di*k
I hope you know that while you‘re comin‘ at me so upset
Your girlfriend over at Jordan‘s, giving sloppy f*cking head, b*tch
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