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Lyrics from Snippet

I got [?] on you
We were together for a long time

I got some problems
Just tryna get off 'em
Tryna [?]
You haven't told me

Get ready, it's the same day, same bullsh*t
All them people back home tryna be in the mix
My heart expensive like chrome, [?] as it gets
I feel like D. Wayde in 2006 the way I'm stacking these chips
[?] I remember when they hated us
But now I get paper
So they [?] to us
Yeah, oh, oh
I been [?]
You only got in the game a month ago
You know that these problems, they gon' come and go
So he minding his business
f*ck class, I'm making money, grinding these digits, yeah
f*ck college, everyone who..
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