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Drink up
I take a sip of reposado before I wake up
Damn, it's a good f*ck (Good f*ck)
If it's the one that we do after that we would break up (Damn)
My life, is something you might have to see with a prime lens
You won't say no to this life, all you say is
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Did I run my money up? (Yeah)
Did I make your life better than last year?
Tell me (Yeah)
And girl I try to buy you things but you always tell me no
Please just tell me yeah
I can feel it in my bones
I can feel it in my bones when you tryna talk tough
Whеn you off of every single thing wе on
Please lower your tone (Uh)

Can you please lower your tone?
Can you please lower-
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