How Jeffery Pine Pooter Got Arrested lyrics


Quandale Dingle

Jeffery Pine Pooter was arrested for mopping the floor with his brother's head, then got tingled on a head massaging Asian doorknob that was impregnated by a fake Michael Jackson bedsheet with the lube droplets off his white buttcheeks that were lost in the Upside-down when Will bought a Demogorgon dildo to play with his hooha in the back of a Macy's parking lot that had a breakdancing mailman, security guard, with extra stupid, strawberry, strudel on the side of his Arby's meat melted sandwich that was left un-buttered by a wild, naked bеar in the wilderness that was caught urinating in a diapеr full on unhinged emo kid waffle syrup, that was slapped by Will Smith, then pooped on by Amber Heard, in a Denny's bathroom, next to a twin-sized bed that was on the roof attached to a homeless man named Skibbity Dooflewaffle
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