Don’t Feed the Wildlife lyrics



[Verse 1: NEZZY]

Grab the microphone & molest it
Looking in the mirror i see my best investment
I give 0 f*cks like im celibate
In my element
At the table periodically pondering afterlife
Not broken just hell bent
Treat the bullsh*t like bad advice
Never take it from anyone
Is you ready son?
What my pops keep saying
Cuz he know that imma make it out
Dope lines like a bunch of feigns
Waiting outside the crack house
You crashed on thе fast route
After i told you to slow it down
Patiencе is imperative
Brick by brick i built a pyramid
Tied a slip knot to my loose ends
Herbal tea in my canteen
That’s a spiritual cleanse
f*cked the game up
Got a perverted offense
Turned on by the stench
Of a decaying corpse
Pulling up with a flaming pitchfork
On the back of pale horse
You getting scorched
Exercise my mind
When i write these rhymes
Shawty grabbing on my bulge
But that’s the 40 in my calvin kleins
Racing thoughts, no finish line
Like a mental theme park
The most dull be the ones that seem sharp
Fed the wildlife
In return got f*cking teeth marks
[Verse 2: Vincent, The Owl]

Grill me that’s how the beef starts
ReSPECT the ogs but some of yall fell off like dead tree bark
Its vince the Lumberjack, cats Wonder why my Stats and numbers
LACK while all these Dumb and dumber slumber Mumble acts is Running rap could afford a whip, i don’t need a bike
Was boutta cop the JAGUAR but i be nascar speeding like
My drivers license CLEAN but i be on the black top
Weaving between the whites like zebra STRIPES, police lights?
I pull the f*ck over and be polite
The LAST thing i need is that f*ckin breathalyzer key device
JESUS christ, some nights it be like uber or take the scenic hike
These rappers washed like cleaning wipes
They mic need to be left on the SIDE like beans and rice
What’s your meaning in life? cuz rhyming over BEATS? \no sir, its either liquor or the weed odor
That got your girl greek yogurt at the sleep over
Like vin can get it whether he sober or 3 king cobras
DEEP, drink this sweet peach soda, spread the cheeks like yoga
RICOLA how the throat be beef shouldered, skeet skeet
BLEACH the sofa then it’s back to east dakota, face
MASK how i covered her cheeks teeth and boca, b*tch don’t
LOVE me, love chief sosa


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