"Hustler's Anthem 09"

[Intro: Busta]
It's too late to turn back now n*gga
Getcha money getcha money (two times)
Hey I'm bout to act up in a wondertrip on their ass
T-pain yeah

[Hook: T-Pain]
You should already know when I walk in the door
That it ain't no use in frontin' on me
I'm a hustle I'm a do my thing
You already know what it's gon' be
I keep hustlin I keep hustlin I keep hustlin
And if you feel me put your hands up
And come and sing the hustler's anthem with me
Lalalala Yeah Lalalala Keep hustlin dog Keep hustlin dog
Yeah Yeah Lalalalalala Lalalala Keep hustlin Yeah Okay Let's go

[Busta Rhymes]
What it do, what it do all day
Come through and get it jumpin'
Throwin' money away
It don't matter if you're hustlin' a bundle of yay
Or you got a 9 to 5
Let the champagne spray
Boom click a little don of the red rose
Two chicks on my arm when I step okay
Gillette razor sharp
You know the boy don't play
BC ten drop me in Sandro pey
Let the money machine roll on
We been needin' a n*gga like you in the street so long
Everytime you drops yakkin'
You do no wrong
You hata n*ggas
I know your forte
We blind your little shine
f*ck what you portrait
While you leave
Your lil chick wanna stay
And if you violate
I assure you'll all gon' pay


[Busta Rhymes]
Hey girl
The god's back in town
You ain't gonna wanna miss it
When the sh*t go down
We celebratin' like we throwin' money around
Bring a lot of 'tron
We bout to order a couple of rounds Look
I know at times it probably seem like the hardest
When you ain't got it
But you gotta go and get it regardless
Check it
Get on your hustle homie
Get up and go
And do it proper
For the veteran knows
And go and cop an island
And do a lot so I can stack up a
With a couple billion with a stash in the flow
Up in the mansion, listen
I'm only tellin' you the theme of this caper
Is get your paper
Let's keep it goin'


[Busta Rhymes]
Kiddie bangin' at random
And the way the n*gga hustle
It's like he's throwin' a tantrum
Tryin' to hustle
Cop a plane
A couple ships
You hustle up on the block
Some n*ggas hustle at random
As long as you can go and muscle a grip
Whether you shinin' from a grind
Or you hustle legit
Either way get money n*gga
Turn on the switches
For power hustlin'
And stack all your riches
That's how we on it


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