I’m Mandy, Fly Me (Live) lyrics



Oh, no you'll never get me up in one of these again
'Cause what goes up (What goes up)
Must come
Down down down down

[Verse 1]
Just like a rollin' stone
I'm outside lookin' in
But if your chance came would you take it?
Where on earth do I begin?

I'm Mandy, fly me

[Verse 2]
I've often heard her jingle
It's never struck a chord
With a smile as bright as sunshine
She called me through the poster
And welcomed me aboard
She led me, she fed me
She read me like a book
But I'm hiding in the small print
Won't you take another look?
And take me away
Try me, Mandy, fly me away

The world was spinning like a ball
And then it wasn't there at all
And as my heart began to fall


I saw her walking on the water
As the sharks were comin' for me
I felt Mandy pull me up, give me the kiss of life
Just like the girl in Dr. No No No No
Oh, when they pulled me from the wreckage
And her body couldn't be found
Was it in my mind it seems
I had a crazy dream
I told them so but they said no no no no

[Verse 3]
I found me on a street
And starin' at a wall
If it hadn't have been for Mandy
Her promise up above me
Well I wouldn't be here at all
So if you're travellin' in the sky
Don't be surprised if someone says hi
I'm Mandy, fly me

Thank you. Here's another one from Deceptive Bends, sung by Graham. It's called "Marriage Bureau Rendezvous."

(One, two, three, four)
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