Isaac Hayes

"Abbaon Fat Track"

f*ck you in, tuck you in, suck you in
'Then you fly
You fly as fast as you can to baby Jesus!'
I am she, who stinks of men
Gritted teeth, fists are clutching
Breast stroke, lots of touching
See you in the sauna
There'll be big fauna at my
Hotel, motel, hotel, motel
I f*ck you in the ass, just for a laugh
With the quick speed, I'll make your nose bleed
I ride the pre-menstrual cycle
Forget about Michael
Now here's the big blast, I like the big cash
I spin the bass loops
I spray your daydreams
Enjoy myself, within myself
And back again, encouraging sin, a powerful mind
Devious mind for a devious kind
Ugly noises and Strangeways by the two praise
I roll up the blue bills
I snort the cheap thrills

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