Isaac Hayes

"Interlude... The Set Up"

*resteraunt background noise*

[waiter] Welcome to the Shark Bar, do you have reservations?
[Foxy] Yeah, two for Brown
[waiter] Right this way
[man] Reservations?
[Foxy] Ahahahah

*piano keys, crowd background*

[Foxy] Baby
[man] Yo whattup?
[Foxy] We need to talk
[man] Talk about what?
[Foxy] I'm stressed the f*ck out
[man] What are you stressed out about?
[Foxy] This relationship... this relationship!
[man] What?
[Foxy] This sh*t ain't goin right
[man] You f*ckin crazy?
[waiter] Excuse me, excuse me
[Foxy] Calm down, you always make sh*t
[man] Yo what I told you about that sh*t?
[waiter] Miss Brown?
[Foxy] n*gga you always... yes?
[waiter] You have a courtesy call at the desk
[Foxy] Hold on baby

*Foxy gets up*

[Foxy] If I could take this back, I would
[man] Yeah yeah, whatever man, f*ck you and your tits babe fuhreal
If I can play again I will
I should, go on back and play more, f*ck that
Probably thinks that she's taken though
Yo motherf*cker, we ain't come to talk, you b*tch
[Firm] Yeah motherf*cker The Firm n*gga
[man] f*ck y'all talkin about man?
[Firm] Firm motherf*cker
[man] Y'all know who the f*ck I am? Y'all know who the f*ck I am?
[Firm] The Firm n*gga, The Firm... the Firm n*gga
[nan] Y'all f*ckin crazy?
*two shots fired*

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