Isaac Hayes

"Iron Veil"

Crooked Smiles with their twisted mouths
I know what y'all been laughing bout
I shout for the sandman to come out the clouds
Annihilate the crowd
Without a sound, a pile of dust can try and hate me
But lately, I've been feelin' like my enemies evaporating
I have created my own nemesis
From all of the sh*t, I hate 'bout myself
I will raise him in the pits of hell
Let him dwell in the poison
As well as he sells me my soul back
I swallow it whole
I got a stack of them sh*ts in the back of the sticks
Me and Slick got the crucifix picked
Set fire to liars, and then they get zipped
The higher I get the more I start to drift

I'm burning the city and producing toxins
Life ain't no option
I'm on suboxone f*cking rotten
But f*ck that topic
Seeing you like optics in my vision
Cut the incision
With no deliverance
Say your penance
Got no provisions
Kill them all
They call me Chucky;
Blade up in my hand
Murder, murder b*tch my life is lived up on the lamb
Rising up from hell Revelations in the flesh
Always looking friendly till I grip the f*cking TEC

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