Vaccine Daddy lyrics


Richard Cheese

[Verse 1]
Hey baby, has this virus got you afraid
Masks you’ve worn, and home you’ve stayed
If the pandemic has got you lonesome and blue
Well, honey I’ve got the remedy for you

Other boys might buy you diamonds and pearls
But I know what’s on the mind of all the girls
I have something you need, I’ve got something you want
Let the rest stand in line I’ll get you to the front

I’m your vaccine daddy
I’ve got the connections
Vaccine daddy
To get you your injections
Vaccine daddy
I’m gonna treat all your troubles
Vaccine daddy
And hey, my dosеs are double
No more nights of isolation
You’rе gonna dig my big inoculation

[Verse 2]
Let me examine you and check if you’re warm
I can see you properly filled out your form
Take off your coat, and roll up your shirt
All the gals will tell you that it doesn’t hurt

My sharp is sharp, my syringe goes deep
My hypodermic’s longer than a CVS receipt
I’ve got a little pad with some alcohol
And once my needles in, in love you’ll fall

With your vaccine daddy
Your symptoms won’t worsen
Your vaccine daddy
After some of my nursing
Your vaccine daddy
No one’s better
Vaccine daddy
With a super spreader
Tonight please invite me up your sleeve
If you’re anti-vaxx I’ll make you believe

I’m gonna jab you and stick you
And poke you and prick you
I’ve got a lollipop you can lick too
And I brought a little band-aid for your shoulder to stick to

Pfizer, I hardly know her!
Get a load of my Johnson & Johnson!

[Verse 3]
Now listen up baby, if you liked what you got
Then come again for another shot
And bring all your girlfriends, I’ll find them a slot
I keep my vials cold and my patients hot

He’s your vaccine daddy
I’ll turn on the charm
Your vaccine daddy
For your upper arm
He’s your vaccine daddy
We’ll be immunizing
Vaccine daddy
Til the sun is rising
My diagnosis is, I love you a lot
And your injection site is my favorite spot
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