"Just Like That"

Just Like Easy, n*gga I'm ruthless
Catch me with yours breezy pushing that new whip
Drop top new 6 white on white new kicks
I'm just pimping cross the world like Ludacris
But n*ggas in the hood saying "MIMS done sold out"
See me in the club and they pulling that gold out
But they don't know I'm with the same n*ggas I came with
Same n*ggas from the hood, n*ggas I bang with
So sh*t ain't change different hood the same sh*t
"ain't no half stepping'" on some Big Daddy kane sh*t
I walk like hustler pimping hustlers language
We don't know each other 'cause you hustle is ancient
You way too old n*gga, I flow like H20 n*gga know
Every place you go n*gga, I know you
Pumping on that shring that's right n*gga I own you
Bring the hook in now somethin' for me to zone to

Just Like that, a n*gga blow up and do good now the hood don't want you back n*gga
Just Like that, they see you on the cover of that "Fortune Five" and catch heart attacks yeah
Just Like That, uh huh uh huh
Just Like that
You can't go back now
Just Like That, uh huh uh huh
Just like That
You Can't Go back now

[Verse 2:]
I'm looking for that sunshine but I ain't lil flipper
Yeah I'm a star but I ain't the lil dipper
Always been bad forever since a lil n*gga so b*tches
Love my swag used to call me lil jigga
Corey sedmonds you need to bring it to the streets
So now I'm just chilling in the belly of the beast waiting for my
Release date, a n*gga hungry as hell
But I be damned if you catch me walking for some cheesecake
I be in each state new b*tch on my arm new twenty on
The chain another six on the charm
I'm a don motherf*cker kiss the ring when you see me
See I do what I do like I do it for T.V
I'm too hot, so now its all eyes on me like 2pac
Riding round on my lap got 2 Glocks
This rap sh*t done made me crazy
If it ain't about the money n*gga "f*ck You pay me"


[Verse 3:]
You was never in my class yous a b*tch
Thought you was sh*t now you class dismissed
You story ain't real enough lies keep building up you b*tchmaid
Homie so for you I keep a switchblade on me
'cause I don't a gun for you ass
I'll give you ass a head start for I run for you ass
FATBOY I'm watching you put on a act boy
I thought you was my man you gone do me like that boy
But you know what they say and I'm calling it out
When the pressure cook up, the true colors come out
Vaseline in your ass and a di*k in your mouth
Sit back and got the industry tricking you out
You're a b*tch n*gga, sell you soul or get rich n*gga
So I guess it time to expose you whole sh*t n*gga
You're truly MIMS, they last soldier
The lesson for today is done class over

[Hook x2]

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