Testify / The Next One lyrics



[Part I: Testify]

[Intro: Eminem]
Come on! Come on! ATL!
Yeah, haha! Woo!
If you feel like you've been touched, by our music that is

[Verse 1: Eminem]
Nowadays, everybody just wanna poke they nose
Up in our business, what is this, some kind of joke?
Man, everywhere I go, all I'm hearin' is mo' talk
"What's up with Jada and Fat Joe? Doin' a song with ol' boy on the song New York?
Man, I thought you just went and did a song with 'em both?
Man, the streets wanna know how you gonna go and diss Michael?
You should get your ghetto pass revoked"
I ain't never had no ghetto pass, you as*h*le, you really wanna know
When I did live in the ghetto, I kept a trespassing charge up at the railroad tracks
So I suggest you get your facts straight 'fore you go, this assuming to know
I ain't grow up in no trailer park just cause I was poor
Man, this is my testimo-ny, now those that don't know
Me or feel like they do and feel to feel compelled to go and speak on me too
So, this di*k goes to you and this di*k goes to you
And if you feel like you want it, then you can get it too
And when you're through, pass it to the person next to you
Ayo, Stat, get on the mic and come and spit a few
[Verse 2: Stat Quo]
Motherf*ckers so quick to spit bullsh*t
Stat Quo, who's this? Em gave me the assist
Shorty got a full clip, standing in the pulpit
A-Town misfit, reppin' that south sh*t
Back for, some years ago, foe was hatin' [?]
My flow is skatin' across the track, rollerbladin'
Losin' patience, wanna get on [?] taking all my energy
Tired of waitin', people fakin', frontin', like they kin to me
When they really enemies
Give a f*ck what it is, cause this what it's gonna be
Shady/Aftermath, lately, GMM, baby
Young n*gga out them projects, Thomasville, Grady
Hospital, Freida's only baby
n*ggas bitin' my style get rabies
f*ck you, pay me, eat a c*ck, swallow sh*t
And plus you ain't f*ckin' with this, so don't trip, haha
[?] what an incredible twist, I write credible script that fit in with
The block is in this, now testify to this
Let it bang when you hear this is classic sh*t, yeah!

[Part II: The Next One]

[Intro: Stat Quo]
Woo! Yeah!
Yeah, ease into it
[Hook: Stat Quo]
I'm the next one, next one
Motherf*ckers can't f*ck with me, with me
Got a problem, shorty, come get me, get me
Nah, I ain't Dr. Dre, nah I ain't Eminem or 50, dog, I'm Stat

[Verse 1: Stat Quo]
As I think back, retract, from the classroom to the trap
Freida's only son had to hustle for scraps, it's hard to relax
When your wage minimum, being broke, f*ck, with my adrenaline
Before Dre and Eminem, I was tryna get on, demo tapes, state to state
Performin' at clubs, doin' whatever it take, relyin' on faith
Hopin' my dreams take shape [?]
I would wait for these A&Rs say I ain't grind, b*tch
Spendin' my last dime on this studio time, sh*t
A lot of folk told me I was stupid for tryin' this
Situation crucial, [?] home environment
Takin' pictures of me, it was ugly
The spot got hot, scene felt like curry
Had my vision blurry till Underground Atlanta
Hit the streets, me and Zeke put a plan together
Shorty, it's now or never, down to do whatever
You see the rainfall came, but I had to bare that weather
Look, your boy need cheddar, like a mil or better
I was fed up but the benefit was worth the effort
[Bridge 1: Stat Quo]
I was patiently waitin'
Used to get love, now the same n*ggas hatin'
Partner, don't get it separated or twisted you can't fade us
Stat the wrong motherf*cker to play with, understand me

[Bridge 2: Eminem]
If you open your ears long enough to listen you may hear what you been missin' out all of this time
I been put in position to put all this in position so quit your b*tchin', learn how to rhyme, get signed and get your shine

[Verse 2: Eminem]
It's like this and like that and uh
Welcome to Statlanta
Shady/Aftermath and uh
A brand new rapper from Atlanta who goes by the name of Stat Quo
Introducin' our new excuse to keep producin', continue to do music, use it and expand it and make rap grow
The hottest new sh*t on a planet on a new plateau
But don't confuse it, you don't understand it, let me break it down for you to show you how we do sh*t so that you cats know
This is Statlanta 101 cause we don't want no one walkin' out this motherf*cker with tunnel vision
So, anyone with questions you want answered just ask 'em, we'll try to unmask 'em and maybe explain why so few cats blow
Just spit the truth when you get in this booth and do that, though
That there boy, he hot to death, you already knew that, though
Is he the greatest from the ATL? We got haters all day to debate us
So we'll just say this: he's one you wouldn't want to tackle

[Bridge 3: Stat Quo]
I got caviar [?] Chevy dreams
CD, US TV screens
The booth or the block [?] triple beam
[?] put me in to shine
Goin' on to white collar crime
The rhyme or the grind, MPC or the nine
I'ma make it, I need mine

[Verse 3: Stat Quo]
I could care less, f*ck y'all, you don't make or break me
Real n*ggas love me, pus*y n*ggas hate me
Down b*tches ride for Stat Quo, they know
The A-Town [?]
Didn't no other label offer me no deal
Till they found out Shady/Aftermath was interested
Then they started to bid, want the truth? There it is
This ain't a gimmick, this the south, and I be that kid
Just ride [?] in time you gon' find you on a great trip
Every word out the lip be some extraordinary sh*t
The piece of the puzzle that fit, it's Stat Quo, you son of a b*tch

[Hook: Stat Quo]
I'm the next one, next one
Motherf*ckers can't f*ck with me, with me
Got a problem, shorty, come get me, get me
Nah, I ain't Dr. Dre, nah I ain't Eminem or 50, dog, I'm Stat
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