Spice 1

"Tha Bullet"

Sittin' on the shelf, they got me stuck up in this box
Choppin' it up with the homies, havin' visions of a Glock 17
n*ggas on my team can't wait to fill clip up
We jumpin' out the barrel with my n*ggas, shootin' sh*t up
See under niner ross, black talon, hollow tips flow
Aim me at the chest, I'm makin sure that vest don't get no love
Ain't even breathin', leave the body sh*ttin' like a seagull
See I'm illegal, I got pockets like that desert eagle
f*ckin' around with me is danger, I'm talkin' sh*t
Tryin' to brainwash the trigger when I'm in the chamber
Don't give a f*ck if it's a accident or on purpose
When I'm comin' out the chamber, fool it's just inservice
Don't get nervous when you see what I do
I love to hit the target, and when I'm breakin' that skin, ooh
Travel through his heart, ricochét off the nearest bone
Rip his insides up, shatter his spine, now I'm gone
Layin' by the body, waitin' for the FEDS
Swoop me up for evidence, then I'm just some melted led
It ain't no thang, got me back where I started
In a box, with my homies, waitin' for my next target

Ha ha ha, the mothaf*ckin' bullet
Shootin' up sh*t everywhere
Every city in every state
Don't give a f*ck about who when the bullet fly
The only thought that's on my mind is "die, n*gga, die"
Ha ha ha

But what do ya know, looks like I'm 'bout to be purchased again
I seen a n*gga ask for them black talons and grin
It won't be long 'til they let me loose
Got me in the clip, drinkin' Gin with no f*ckin' juice
It's goin down, I know they ridin' on some fools tonight
Hit the lights, squeeze the trigger, send me on my flight
Don't give a f*ck about who I hit when I fly
The only thought that's on my mind is "die, n*gga, die"
Women and children and babies, I know it's crazy
See I'm a bullet, it's my job, man that sh*t don't faze me
Even the hand that's on the trigger get shot too
Wherever the barrel aiming at, that's who I end up smokin fool
Don't get it twisted, I got no love for none of y'all
Got to dig a tunnel through your head, and watch the body fall
Just shoot and I'mma do the rest
I love givin' young n*ggas cardiac arrests

Bullet-proof n*ggas, I go up in 'em quickly
The ambulance picked him up with sh*t all in his di*kies
Just c*ck the Glock, put your finger on the trigger, pull it
And make a mothaf*cka feel the bullet

Ha ha ha, yeah
Another victim of these mothaf*ckin' bullets
Once we pull the trigger, don't get nervous
'cause it's instant mothaf*ckin' service
Ha ha ha, yeah
Breakin' fools off every-mothaf*ckin'-day
Ha ha ha

Up out the chamber, it's that sneaky mothaf*cka creepin'
You heard a shot but didn't know until the blood was leakin'
Up out your chest, you seen your flesh was a bloody mess
Dropped down on your knees, and ran outta breath
Sentenced to your death
Got hit by the wig splittin', shirt rippin, pistol wippin n*gga
Catchin 'em slippin when they set trippin'
Dippin' and dabbin', you n*ggas know who I am, and
Can't be f*ckin' with them faulty heaters that be jammin'
I love to fly and when they jam, I can't come out and kick it
Just pick a target, point me at it and see how quick I hit it
Droppin' bodies by the dozens, in and out your cousins
I'm burnin' n*ggas like a oven, givin' up no lovin'
? with my dogs, ridin' in a 50 round clip
Ready to make the hit, talkin' long sh*t, b*tch
Hit the floor before I hit the door and split ya with some heat
Take your head and leave your body in the street
As I creep, up on my next mothaf*ckin' victim
Sweep him off his feet, pull the trigger, let me sick him
Hit him high, hit him low, you know how it go
Put your finger on the trigger, pull it, the mothaf*ckin' bullet

Ha ha ha, the mothaf*ckin' bullet
Mobbin' through your hood and takin' head
Showin' no mothaf*ckin' remorse
We don't give a f*ck about you
The bullet, ha ha ha
Sprayin' up sh*t everywhere we go
Don't give a f*ck, layin' men 6 feet on the regular
Ha ha ha

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