Spice 1

"Hell Naw"

[Hook] 4x
(Suck my pus*y n*gga!) Hell naw, f*ck you!

["Get Buck" chant in the background]

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]
We be up in the club, me and my n*ggas fresh as a (?)
Scopin' booties of some cutie hoochies with some cool like Gucci
I ain't cruisin' mane y'all hoes be the worst of me
f*ck a pretty b*tch, gimme some cool with some cheese
She could be some (?), she could be some brown
She could be (?) long as she get down-down
... honeycomb deep up in the trees

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
I'm 'bout my pimpin' so I need to find some girlfriend
Call up on a pile of weed, bought a couple of fifths of gin
Find a cool spot that too hot for the crooked cops
Just my n*ggas burn up some pot, junkies smoking rocks
Meet me on da block, what you want? Black, fat or slim
(?) with a bell with a heavy
(?) want a sexy brown-brown
Put your cheese down-down
You can meet her down town
In the bed she clown-clown

[Hook] 4x
(Suck my pus*y n*gga!) Hell naw, f*ck you!

[Verse 3: Lord Infamous]
Sometimes I be wantin' to take my fist and beat these b*tches badly
These b*tches be playin' more games than motherf*cking Milton Bradley
But these trickin' ass b*tches would never put me up in a predicament, gettin' me locked down
Never around once I got no (?) about the night (?)
These b*tches be lookin' real f*cked up ... get behind
I'll never be payin' a fine till this b*tch is on my mind
I'm hittin' it all the time cause all of the b*tches are mine
So like I said, n*gga keep a third eye on your track
Because I'm jumping the strategy
b*tches are getting me pennies ... off in my count
(?) b*tch you better make this sh*t leave
Get your ass up from under the sheets
And get this deep rear relief
See cause b*tch, I don't wanna hear no stories
That's when I get in them draws I'm leavin' the blaze of glory
Cause the killers are killin' the coochie
The hoochies are gettin' up outta them clothes
I'd never be lovin' a sl*t and I never would propose
I'm spittin' this gangsta sh*t to all you (?) di*k n*gga fake hoes

[Hook] 4x
(Suck my pus*y n*gga!) Hell naw, f*ck you!

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