Spice 1

"Let It Be Known"

[Intro: Ant Banks]
Ah yeah... you know what I'm sayin'?
Ant Banks in the house kickin' it with the boy Spice 1
Comin' at your dome, hey Spice let it be known, n*gga

[Verse 1: Spice 1]
Spice 1 with the 31 flavors
I be takin' my time so the suckers catch my vapors
On the dope track, rollin' like a MAC-10
I'm a fool when I'm f*ckin' with a fifth a gin
Fly into the ass of a beat like a buckshot
So damn dope I could be sold up on a drug spot
This is a section of my many styles
But my direction is to take MCs for many miles
So, Peter Piper packed a perfect pickle peter
Well, I pack a muthaf*ckin' milimeter
Where? In my trunk with the bump and the funk slam
Another brother like me sayin' god damn
Fact one: I'm insane to my f*ckin' brain
Open up my mind and blast like it's a hurricane
You're in front of a firin' squad
And my job is just to let it be known
Let it be known

[Verse 2: Spice 1]
Rolling up past a junkie in my Delta '88
With two As in my lap, and my aim is kind of straight
Lots of static up in my rhyme, b*tches clingin' up to my noun
Gettin' dope like a kilo or an ounce or a pound
Bitin' up on my rhymes tell me how much you can chew up
n*ggas up in the rearview with his brains col' blew up
I am not the one, not the two or the three'a
I be what is known as S-P-I-C-E
Let it be known, yeah
Let it be known

[Verse 3: Spice 1]
Dope, how muthaf*ckin' funky can a n*gga get
Comin' with the sh*t ya can't f*ck with
After a murda I'ma step and then I couldn't see ya
Lockin' him up inside my mind like in Santa Rita
187 muthaf*cka
Kickin' that funky sh*t ya just can't get enough of
Spice, the n*gga that's icy like a popsickle
Hard as a nickel muthaf*ckas act fickle
Bet yet it tickle, 'cause the nine got the back side
So I kick 'em 'cause the bullet take 'em for a ride
On a long trip, get in your sh*t and dip
187 up in the tape deck with the muder sh*t
Takin' a ship to the dome
Spice 1 is in the house mutherf*cker, so let it be known
Yeah mutherf*cker, let it be known

[Verse 4: Spice 1]
4-1-5 is my hood, that's where I'm from b*tch
Black steel is my brother, f*ck with me you'll get dissed
Boom boom to the head now your body's numb
I'll punk you out and slap your b*tch and get a fifth a rum
There you are C.B.Bannern' all your casualties
That's what you get you f*ck the 1-8-7 Faculty
I'm a fool to my bone, that's what's goin' on
My boy got static so I used this mobile telephone
It was busy so I hung up and I called twice
He said "who is it?" I said "it's M.C. muthaf*ckin' Spice"
He told me "someone sold my boy up like some col'd slaw"
Pack your nine, I'll pump the beat up in the Jaguar
I push the brakes and smash the gas and started smokin' sh*t
Picked up my phone and called my posse from the Oakland b*tch
Shot to the city like a nine to the boat yard
We chopped him up and sent his fingers with the postcard
Think I'm insane? No, I'm just a little senile
And plus I'm caught up in this mutherf*ckin' freestyle
And all you suckers must'a had a f*ckin' payday
Nutty to f*ck with S-P-I-C-E on any day
I'm so insane that my mind is gone
Check it out mutherf*cker, let it be known

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