Spice 1

"Peace to My Nine"

It's like root beer one of a kind
Spice 1 is up in the house with the n*ggata-n*ggata-nine
And the clip and the trigga
Mutha f*ckas try ta play me yet they callin' me they n*gga
Should I get the A.K. and jump like Jack
Or should I just reanimate the mutha f*ckin' Fac
My name is Spice 1, but I be comin' like I'm 2
Or maybe 3 or 4 or just a mutha f*ckin' crew
Late night see a drive-by drop Impala
The n*ggas took cover and the b*tches all holla
If you think it's sick then n*gga just throw up
I'm quick ta bust a cap and leave your f*ckin' dome toe up
Cause livin' up in the bay is lke a mutha f*ckin' zoo
Every n*gga do whatever the f*ck he gotta do
The mutha f*ckin' rhyme did the crime last century
Now it's on parole because my mouth's in penitentiary
But back to the ghetto you see just about it all
Rest in peace to dead n*ggas on the wall
The sh*t it never stop because the n*gga killed a cop
And now the cops are killin' the n*ggas 24 around clock
Around the block around the road in every ghetto
Mutha f*ckas wanna drop me, so I'm livin' like the Devil
With the underground pound, muder facul-sound
So n*ggas that f*ck around lay around
And before I end this rhyme
I'd like ta say peace to my mutha f*ckin' nine

The Nine Milimeter, The Nine Milimeter

Shootin' dice with some n*ggas that I didn't know
He pulled a nine when the double 4 hit the floe
I wonder why he'd wanna play me like a punk b*tch
I thought he knew I was the one to let the nine click
I played his ass like Jesse James and shot him in the throat
I picked his tongue up out my mail, now I'm outty ho
I'm stressin' it's a f*cked up world "G"
I think about the sh*t that I used to see
n*ggas runnin' 'round with the street sweepers
Mutha f*ckas layin' dead loose change, beepers
b*tches screamin' about the n*ggas gettin' f*cked up
f*ck his b*tch too, she was stuck up
187 mutha f*ckas that my showcase
I'll load the clip and kill a whole mutha f*ckin' race
I'm stressed out like a mutha f*cka
b*tch got me for a 20, damn clucka
Yeah your right I'm livin' wrong "G"
And I never gave a f*ck about a dope fiend family
I seen a dope fiend killed last week
Left a bloody base pipe in the street
They burnt the b*tch up in the trunk over 80 dollars
Started drivin' around the hood and I can hear her hollar
Smoke comin' from the trunk b*tch burnin' up
Cops turnin' down the streets they was turnin' up
I'm hearin' shots ring out 12 o'clock at night
A car full of dead n*ggas in the midnight
Because it gave the cops a reason just ta shoot 'em up
But now they tape the sh*t off, so yo suit 'em up
And before I end this rhyme
I'd like ta say peace to my mutha f*ckin' nine

The Nine Milimeter, The Nine Milimeter

The police was comin' I had ta dump the body
But like I said on the city streets I'm John Gotti
When it comes to the gangsta rap sh*t
I do a drive-by murder your whole click
See I'm a rebel without a pulse
Cause in my neighborhood you learn not to walk
Without a nine in your draws
It's like American Express
Because a lot of crazy n*ggas wanna spill your flesh
But some crazy jealous mutha f*ckas never sleep
I'm gettin' C.B. banner on the beep, beep, beep
Fill a, n*gga to the rim like brim
Do a drive-by while I'm suckin' on a Endo stem
Mix hennesey with thunderbird, Gin and juice
I'm high as f*ck, f*ckin' around with 187 proof
Hard as a nickel but I'm quick as f*ck to drop a dime
Because my boys got a n*gga back prime time
Any b*tch wanna squab it's like that
Cause I ain't goin' out like a fag
Got the n*gga for a ounce and a Jag
Straight trip and pop the clip
Now I'm gettin' rich off his sip
Pick up my boys on the block and it's on
Slangin' dope by the drug-free zone
Straight gangsta mack
Keyes over keyes over g's I stack
So when you step, step with caution
Cause a nine to your throat 'll have ya caughin'
The S-P-I-C-E
In a rage with a gauge gettin' P-A-I-D
I ain't goin' out f*ck Mickey D's
I'd rather pimp hoes and clock g's
Cause that's what a real n*gga do to make a livin'
The talent of pimp was naturaly given'
So before I end this rhyme
I'd like to say, Peace to my Mutha f*ckin' Nine

I wanna say peace to my other mutha f*ckin' nine
Yeah Ant mutha f*ckin' ba-ba-booga-booga mutha f*ckin' Banks
I wanna say what up to my n*gga G mutha f*ckin' mzz-Nut, yeah
I wanna say what up to that girl Shorty B in the mutha f*ckin' house
And my mutha fckin' D.J
Xtra mutha f*ckin' Large go on with your big ass heh-heh
Yeah, my n*gga M.C. mutha f*ckin' Ant
Kickin' the funky sh*t with Spice mutha f*ckin' 1
187 in the mutha f*ckin' house, Peace

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