Hey yo (Dirty demo) lyrics



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[Интро: FLESH]
..е-е-е (Ра-фа)

[Куплет 1: FLESH]
Hey, yo, i [?] so [?], i moving, i bring to the ye-yo (Ye-yo)
[?] у меня [?] cando (Cando) (Woah)
I'm moving so fast, like f*cking don't player (Player)
I'm bringing her here, f*ck, I bringing to Taylor
Get f*cked up tonight
Get f*cked up tonight
Blast this sh*t, volume up (Up)
Bless this sh*t and we up, е (Е, е)
Она мне говорит: «​Low», е, е, е
Е, косой на f*cking hoe, е, е (Фа-фа) (Rock)
Е, that fire rari so long, e, е (Фа)
.. hoe (Е-е-е)
Lucky shots

[Куплет 2: Nikito4ka]
I came down from the streets
And they calling me bro
I been running them sh*t's
And they asking for more
For more, getting f*cked up, turn low (Turn low)
And i [?]
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