"Maxing Out"

Me and my n*ggas just maxing out
Passing weed 'til we passing out
Motherf*cking gods better watch your mouths
Do you know what the f*ck my gang about?
Rolling up, floating up
That LSD, that potent drug
Got a n*gga blowing up like Op-rah
If you don't know God, let me show you brah!
Let me show yo,u bruh
If you ain't with us!
Let me show you, bruh
If you ain't with us!
All my living gods they f*ck with us
All my queen b*tches, they know what's up
If you ain't with the life, get the f*ck from us
On some third eye sh*t, what you putting up

[Verse 1: AK]
Lucy got me lucid, sour diesel, power refill, uh
Due to the fact I rap she confess her love for a n*gga
While you staring through the peep hole
We low lovers, we’re controlled by the ego
We float, n*gga bow down to the beast coast
We smoke by the P, so we ghost
You ain't know, maxing out, packs are loud at the shows
Mapped it out, indigo route n*gga
Soul glow gold, you know what I'm talkin bout
Deep inside lil homie free your mind
And try to deep the shine of your elite design
Peep the signs, n*gga the weak get conquered
So I yoga the flame until I bluffer the Blanka
Releasing the pain, I shook ya b*tch so obnoxious
Popped sh*t off n*gga this goon squad got us
Lawd! Who gonna stop me now?
Third eye, chop em down!
Dark shades on, I don't see these clowns
Elevated n*ggas, you stuck to the ground!
UA, you tight, you ain't
We the cool guys and utilize our brains
From the rise of the most high, n*gga f*ck fame
And Flatbush be the block which we came from
Ain't sh*t changed but the income
It's 2012, n*ggas still dumb
My di*k super soft, and she still c*m
Bust off, Lara Croft, homie ain't done
Till a hundred million souls get uplifted
47 shift b*tch demons on the hit list, bow
6th sense knock a n*gga down
I'll be puffing loud on a cloud maxing out


[Verse 2: Issa Gold]
Herb shuttles you know I'm faded
Sour diesel, high upon this spaceship
Smoking loud, yeah, a n*gga hate it
I roll it up and now n*gga face it!
Yeah, a n*gga face it
I ain't pass the sh*t, a n*gga ain't no Peyton
Higher conscious, mellow waves
Pull it up, mother f*cker, got weed for days!
Lil n*ggas can't hang with us
Roll the whole zip, n*gga, ain't no rush
Two straight n*ggas taste better than one
Pass both spliffs, I’m getting f*cked up
Rolling up on that indo
Put a little hash in, so we hit slow
I ain't giving two grams cause we ain't broke
Four n*gga's in the room so we burn four
One man to a spliff rolling dolo
And if a couple b*tches come we gonna give 'em more
And if we're feeling get drunk get the rose moe
And I'll be sipping that lean, it got me slow mo
I'm getting high, trap my body and free my mind
Clear the negative that's inside
This weed is strong, though you know my style!
Lamping up on that cannabis
Got a n*gga frozed up like manequins
With sh*t so long can't handle it
Got a hit so strong, she's passing it
I'm laughing sh*t, on my black lil back
.. passing it
Got the nod, nod I master it
I make the moves cause we have to win
I rep all like an activist!


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