"Take It Easy Freestyle"

[Verse 1: Rocky]
Used to call me Push ‘cause I pushed by the quarter
Used to push keys ‘til the D's pushed harder
Push “start” – push buttons, start the car up
Push me, push your wig back like barbers
Off with your toupee, I boss hog like two lanes
f*ck red dots but my bullets come in Blu-ray
pus*y-ass n*ggas and they sweet like Kool-Aid
Married to the game, tell them n*ggas catch the bouquet
Don’t f*ck with hoes, sometimes I’d rather beat off
My kicks so fire, burn the skin up on my feet off
Tell ‘em turn the heat down, they tell me my mink off
She’s so abusive, the boy she wanna skeet off

[Verse 2: Ferg]
Fancy, fancy, met her on Delancey
Pum-pum so good I eat her through her panties
Every Jamaican b*tch always trippin’ off of Xanny
Wine Slow, so I give her gold like Santi
Bapes on my feet make the cypher complete
Margielas by the week, say my style is unique
Picking b*tches by their teeth, for my b*tches be heat
Put the pus*y on lock, I remind 'em of sheiks
Cuttin’ n*ggas with my lines like a barber with Zekes
Burnin’ n*ggas with my rhymes, let the arsonist speak
I’m tryna have a Nicki Minaj every week
And f*ck makin’ her c*m, Imma f*ck her ‘til she pee
And if she was a midget, I would f*ck her on my knees
‘Cause that ass fat, I will f*ck her ‘til she sleep
It’s Trap Lord Sunday every day of the week
A-S-A-P ‘til I D-I-E, ma’f*cka

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