"Reincarnation (Phase 2 Intro)"

[Verse 1: Issa Gold]
Raised off of my crucifix
Dripped in all white, an anti-satanist
I'm on my painter's sh*t, my canvas filled with hits
I'm make my own world my n*gga, make a wish
My foundation built off f*cking taking drugs
But the youth love me, I raise 'em up
Like a new born, you can't talk with us
With them shoes, bruh you can't walk with us

AK the heir, he up next
Make sure my name is spelt clear on them checks
Boy, I make sure I flex just to sh*t on my ex
Give a f*ck about you once the digits finesse
Diesel the Nina, preceding your feet up
My speech is so potent, they reeking like reefer
Get reached in the open, like hi, nice to meet ya'
They're left in their moment after I delete ya', like

[Verse 3: Issa Gold]
Praises up to the most high
Back from dead like I ghost ride
Bleed indigo 'til the day I die
The only red you see is in my hazy eyes
Don't look to cope, they might hypnotize
Slaughter all and straight victimize
Heart is large and my bars is dark
But my mind is sharp, watch them synthesize

f*ck what you saying like Bolt
If it ain't from the heart, then I ain't about the cause
These n*ggas think small, get your brain out the fog
Realize you a god, then the saints gon' applaud
Can't steal my prize from the place where they spark
Hope he got nine lives, cos my dogs got heart
Take a toke then I rise fronto, hella thought
Leave your foes in the dark, be the oath from the start, b*tch

[Verse 5: Issa Gold]
Two years since I started rappin'
Rick James, a n*gga tracks is slappin'
Reefer madness, my blunt do damage
I keep relapsing can't break the habit
And I won't, n*ggas is jokes
Pave my own lane, put it down for the coast
And a n*gga bring change 'fore they die in the cold
Leave the stage lit with flames every time that we go, ho

Feeling like my death is calling and my ego ignoring
So I light up the evil in a sky full of torment
Like a blunt of the diesel I ignite in the morning
As we fight to be equal, cool kids been yawning
My crew be drawing, number two lead poison
Only got few choices, live poor and in fortress
And blow our fortune to be living this awesome
But I won't play possum, standing tall like a column

[Verse 7: Issa Gold]
Pulled up with it like, ''oh"
Word to Chief Keef, young n*gga I glow
Sprite with the foe, hot box on the road
Two shots of the henn' on the rock for the show
n*gga don't fold, beat my poker face
I play my cards right, that's four aces straight
You call it lucky, I call it fate
'Fore I had to take my mind filled with dank

Puffing on skunks to the grave
Give me any 'mount of dro, it’s gone in a day
All my n*ggas shining gold, no need for no chains
And my queen beside a soldier, try and get banged
She can drop me, chauffeur over to the bay
Switching the passengers off on the way back
Told all my n*ggas dream now, don't just stay trapped
'Cause knowledge ain't foreign, think hard, where ya' brain at?

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