"Don't Play (Freestyle)"

[Verse 1]
Enter the game with a ill ass flow
For the love of my ancient ways of astral
Burnin' buds in the face of pain and back home
Mad gold on a n*gga like a young pharaoh
Metaphor for that inner spirit
Got them saying oh lord when they finally get it
She remain on all fours when my n*gga hit it
Said she never met a star, but the sky's the limit
b*tch n*gga, U.A. ain't no stoppin' us
Homie level your chakras up
Find me rolling some tropic up
b*tches grabbing my crosses
Never paid her or dropped the cup
Busy getting my profit up
Change the world, elevate sh*t
And hurry before your clock is done
Til this case closed thought I wouldn't get dough
Now we sellin' out the show puttin' on for the coast
Big bank rolls wonder why they hate though
Keep a wife like ? when I spot them front row
I don't do dates, slide straight in the booth
Vacate like it's June, I escape too soon
Better cry a lake on a late afternoon
While I'm puffing high-grade
Elevate or we doomed
Indigos we mobbin', third optic solve every problem uh
Off that medication, pop your sh*t and then we wildin' uh
Super bright enlightened, my aura shinin' in every spot
Read between the lines
Raise your middlefinger, say f*ck the law

[Hook] x4
f*ck em, say f*ck the law
f*ck em, say f*ck the law
Read between the lines
Raise your middlefinger, say f*ck the law

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