"So Devilish"

[Verse 1: Issa Gold]
Dreamworkers paving the way since birth
Leading, awaking earth, leaving these demons up under dirt
Crazy, Kemetic engravements
Truth telling while you n*ggas still stuck under the pavement
Still stuck on them slave ships
Better get to your optimus prime, wasting time
They stuck inside of your mind, that's a crime
But f*ck that though, n*ggas ain't ready for the elevated soul
Radiant n*ggas teasin up that smoke
Puff that good you know indo
Chakras line up so proper, spiritual monster, the pastor
Enlightened conscious, the holy father
So bow down when you see me
You ain't righteous cause you sittin' round just puffin' on your treebe
You ain't never been alone inside the forest of the tipi
A eighth of shrooms, I'm talkin' bout some Lost sh*t, f*ck your TV
A rasta, no dreadlocks, a God son, no satan
A prophet, learn lessons, you prosper, live fearless
Cause you never gon die
Got these religious f*cks, worshiping God crucified
Can't even see the truth hidden right in front they eyes
So these n*ggas live they lives just waitin' for they demise

May the truth be told—and not what these other rappers propose
They be froze when the action occurs, absent to blows
So when they say they sparking the cartridge, runnin' apartments
I take these dude as serious as I take Martin Lawrence
Never harness deepened darkness
Little bit of air, I breathe, I conquer
No fear, n*gga that be what I sponsor, conscious fire, honest prosper
Bunch of liars on your roster, I am higher Haile Selassie
Prior to all the buyers, admired by all your posse
Idolize me, but Kamikaze if you copy
Word to my mom, I been ripping bongs since I was in her arm
Palm reader said our leaders in the mirror, no alarm

[Verse 3: Issa Gold]
The most high, why lie, n*gga I'm on my Jesus sh*t
As-salamu alaykum, my Gods, I'm on my people sh*t
Bowing down to Satan voila now you's a demon b*tch
Send my blessings way up to jah, now I live limitless
Birth from the sun, you are all gods too
But I'm on a higher level, I am you times two
Got the knowledge from the light, now my mind shines full
But you live under the sun, so the world shines too

Grind through, grow your wings and take flight, our times due
All elevated, reclaiming conscious to highest minds grew
Never lose, forever winning, don't snooze, we up, committed
You fools live under limits, the sky was far until I lit it
Cannabis can attack your mans, it not for amateurs
Mind blazed, took five days to reap the damages
Cold world, so get lost quick, don't vanish son
Your mans will give your dirt and enemies will call the ambulance (So devilish)

[Produced by DreamRite]

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