Sorry I’m Late lyrics


​tobi lou

Sorry I’m Late I was vibin’, I was just
Smokin’ a blimp and bobbin’ my head
f*ck on my bish then lie on her bed
I’m Perish Blue but my eyes are
Red, riding
Come to my hood if you wanna hear guns
Only pop n*gga still in the slums
It’s one of them ones

I’m incomplete like a sentence
Gold on my teeth like a dentist
She told me I ain’t that pretty
I don’t agree with that message
I don’t know why she be flexin’
I turn that beat to confessions
I took my demons to heaven
I just might beat my depression
They wanna know if i get money
b*tch is that even a question

Don’t Don’t Don’t
Don’t worry bout me I’m eatin’
Please do not call me on weekends
I never had an off season
I got this big for a reason
I don’t pick up in the evenin’
Got a lil mama she decent
She know I still want a threesome
Currently we are not speaking
But you know shooters keep shootin’
You just gotta keep believin’
My mama saw me on TV
Some of y’all thought it was easy
I just look good when I do it
Someone at Nike should sign me
I need a shoe like I’m hoopin’
Ballin’ like Harden in Houston
Ball a lot harder in Brooklyn
Everywhere I go I’m bookin’
Look at how far I done took it
Y’all don’t know where I might take it
She wanna see me get naked

I kept my socks on
I let her suck on the python
We finna f*ck with the lights on
I need a ride home
I just got sent to the dial tone
Sometimes I think I might die alone
I ate her out now we even
After we watching Steven
Universe it’s the first season
This was our very first meeting

I think I’m in love hold up

Please do not f*ck with me (it’s a Monday)
Ridin’ round town like Pimp C (it’s a Tuesday)
Can’t hold nothing against me (it’s a Wednesday)
I been droppin’ hits since fifteen (it’s a Thursday)
Getting to the money like 50 (it’s a Friday)
That’s two fifties (saturday)
That’s two Virgils
Suspended like Urkel
I see two C’s on her shoes
Pepé Le Pew my perfume
I got em where I want em
I know it’s controversial
But it’s one of dem ones
It’s one of dem

I swear to God this one of dem ones
Meet me inside I need you in front this one of dem
Yeah this one of dem ones
I swear to God this one of dem ones
Meet me inside I need you in front this one of dem
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