Eminent Domain lyrics



Picture opportunity skipping over who you be
And thinking you could flag her down but never knew the speed
You get this right and you can write your own eulogy
You pleading with her like “you don’t know what you do to me”
Truthfully, unity would do you beautifully
It’s like if y’all was in the park and she was choosing teams
And your handle is buttoned up to fit her suitably
But then she look you up and down like “you look new to me”
Truthfully, I was born in that, but I was taught “get back”
Whether from afar or from the thought of where I live at
Being as far as the car that I adore getting to sit at
These white walls should be on tour like encores
How I thought was this sh*t is all by any means
Word to who my daddy was picturing me to be
Used to listen to him preach how Malcolm Little reformed
But I reversed course the longer daddy was gone
My reform started out in the form of humble beginnings
I’ll show you the confetti you let me run through the entrance
My intentions was to get a million off my insomnia
The sweeter your dreams the more you can wake up a monster
Game time with smaller bills to barter
And to play it all depend on the blow like Contra
Wasn't close to the contras, but f*ck if we wasn’t like first cousins
Word to Del-Roy before they slumped him
And your left hand is beefing cause he sees it like they hung him
And your right hand believe in who you be so the discussion is done
Word to Lee, the most important link in the square that circles me
Fenced in but these duffels here got further reach, so what could worry me
Nothing except everything, Medellín wedding rings
No divorce court in the world could ever sever things
Playing “here comes the bride” the way the metal sings
To dig out the layers of what became
I invite you to gather around the flames
Just like up under the pot, one in the same
It sorta feels like eminent domain
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