"She Twerkin"

[Hook: BeatKing]
She see me grabbing on the toolie
Throw that ass let's make a movie
It's Club God and Slim Thugga
Your baby mama she in trouble
Cause she twerkin', she twerkin', she twerkin'
On that purple (she gone off that aid)
She twerkin', she twerkin', she twerkin', she twerkin'

[Verse 1: Slim Thug]
She twerkin' like she workin'
She bad that's for certain
If I'm f*cked up Imma tip her
I can't lie I love me some strippers
Gone off patron think I cue a few racks
Woke up p*ssed off cause I couldn't get it back
But f*ck it's just money I can f*ck of some stacks
Plus I know a oven when I hit it way back

[Hook: BeatKing]

[Verse 2: BeatKing]
I'm in V Life in the DJ booth with Eric
With two bad hoes both on molly and I ain't sharin'
n*ggas love these strippers, I don't give a damn
Cause I f*cked these hoes before they got famous on Instagram
Drop it for a real n*gga, Club Godzilla
Got your main naked in my phone with pierced nipples
What's up DJ Charlie man we strip club track
Got these b*tches bout that action naked on my [?]

[Hook: BeatKing]

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