"Who That Hatin'"

[Verse 1: Point Blank]
Kaboom! Look who stepped in the room
You know I'm bloody than a gunshot wound
You don't like the animals then get the f*ck out the zoo
What goddamn girl, yeah I see the tattoo
Just do what you do, and I'ma do me
f*ck the dumb sh*t, I got the whole world to see
I'm trying to fly the friendly skies, sail the seas
Lay my eyes on something that I seldom see
Jump in the game head first blazed these streets
Whatever I got to do to plant my feet
Cause Point Blank the Bull is hard as hell
Battle anybody I don't care you tell
Boy I got the big weight, put it on the scale
I'm giving it away, share it with your gal
You know how the story go I come from the bottom
Snatch the game up by the neck, now I got em
Who shot em, I saw it, but I can't tell it
Drop the hot sh*t act like they can't smell it
I ain't buying what your selling
What the f*ck i'm supposed to do?
Believe everything a mother f*cker tell me
These streets getting scary and scary
No matter what happen
I'm a always be reggie, I'm a always be c*cked and ready
Always in the game, heavy heavy heavy, sh*t

[Chorus: Z-Ro] (x4)
Who that hatin' on the Southside
Nobody now

[Verse 2: Z-Ro]
Who is it? Opportunity knocking at your door
Strong arming the industry, opposition get Figure-4'ed
I don't give a f*ck about nary one of these n*ggas
I'll catch a case behind every one of these n*ggas
I'm a gangsta, but a n*gga don't be flagging
Undercover plugging motherf*ckers Z-Ro be bodybagging
No n*gga no b*tch get love from Ro
Nothing available but mean mugs and slugs from Ro
f*ck your life, and everything that comes with it
Mo City Don murder your existence
Wife daughter and son with it
And if i don't get acquitted
Who the grim reaper gon' visit
Trae gon' take an axe to your family tree and split it
Screaming timber
sh*t will happen January through December
We them n*ggas
n*ggas be watching they mouth around remember
My motherf*cking name Z-Ro the crooked is pain
f*ck with me and you might never breathe again
I'm the mercenary messiah my ministries mingle in the mind
Till them n*ggas try to finish me but barely blow my high
Monday through Sunday you only get one Ro
I refuse to switcheroo just to accomodate a hoe
I was sprung on that pearl tongue once in my life
But now ain't nothing important to me but purple and a sprite
And I'ma always be the crooked
Z-Ro the Mo City Don
Until i die with blood money in my palm

[Chorus: Z-Ro] (x4)
Who that hatin' on the Southside
Nobody now

[Verse 3: Big HAWK]
Its B-I-G Hawk of the S-U-C
Screw bet me, been screwed up since '93
I'm armed and ready, also I'm armed and deadly
10 years in this sh*t so I'm heavy, heavy
64 Chevy, drop my b*tch on its belly
Southside lunatic but I don't run with Nelly
Ace of spades, that means I'm not afraid
Not easy to persuade when i pull my blade
I'll untie your braids and turn them into waves
Handmade hand grenades when I do that man
This ain't no masturbate when I c*ck and aim
Point blank range, bullet holes in ya brain
Knee deep in this game, and that's a fact
I'm grinding for Pat, so there ain't no turning back
Fat dro sacks artillerys 9's and racks
And for that stack, I won't cut a n*gga no slack

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