"All Hood"

It's all hood n*gga, motherf*ckers must of forgot
We real n*ggas real life, around this b*tch
Go through this sh*t everyday, ain't no motherf*cking play thang
n*ggas need to use they brain mayn
Coming from n*ggas, who been through that sh*t
Hey yo Redd, give 'em the game

[Yung Redd]
Ya already know, S-L-A-B
I'm at a loss for words, f*ck you pay me
H.S.E., yeah the album coming
I got that Hemi in that Magnum humming, plus them Davin's running
Black on black, the ceiling pushed back
One grind at a time, mayn I can't look back
Stomach never got full, off hopes and dreams
So I keep my grands going, trying to save my green
March to my own tune, n*gga do' rate me
Bread stacked to the ceiling, I'm so Yao Ming
Hit body ain't a gangsta, and that ain't you
Falsifying your hood stripes, n*gga that ain't true
Naw street n*gga, like I'm homeless
The reason why I tell n*ggas get on they grind, because I'm on it
Calm as a b*tch, pray you don't get caught
Anybody with a strap, will make you hole that throat and that's real

[Hook - 2x]
Loose sips sink ships, better keep quiet
Late night in my hood, yeah them n*ggas riot
Car stopped, windows cracked hear them thangs firing
It's all hood n*gga, it's all hood n*gga

The hood done made me a man, and everyday I be running to save my life
And find myself right back to the block, where n*ggas be known to live it shife
And whether I'm rich or whether I'm broke, I still been blessed aside the trap
Where some of these n*ggas done lost they life, to put they name across the map
That's why I post up on the corner, watching all of my n*ggas surround us
Ready to spray a wave or something, that'll have all them n*ggas drowning
Guard your head homie, before you be dead homie
Plus them n*ggas you running with, might be working with the FED's homie
That's why I roll with my immediates, like we all that we got
You disrespect and watch how fast, these n*ggas open up shots
We in the light like kiss the daytime, trying to grind to get it on
These pus*y n*ggas out of they league, but f*ck that sh*t they out they zone
See that's the rules inside the gutter, they don't give a f*ck about ya
They gon use ya till they can't, then they gon do the rest without ya
But I'm prepared to play it raw, and show they ass it's A.B.N
So yeah these n*ggas got me f*cked, but I'ma let the games begin

[Hook - 2x]

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