"So High"

Nard & B

She Likes It Real Slow (Slow)
Then We Speed It Up Like Ooh (Ooh)

Baby Turn Around Like So (So)
Now We Got It Just Right

[Hook: B.o.B]
She likes it real slow (slow)
Then we speed it up like oh (oh)
Baby turn around like so (so)
Now we got it just right
Something that we both like
Baby we can go so high (high)
Higher than you've ever been (high)
Higher than you've ever been (high)
Now we got it just right
Something that we both like
Baby we can go so high

[Verse 1: Slim Thug]
So high, Thug'll make her head touch the sky
It's so good she look like she about to cry
Opposite of dry, baby stay soaking wet
This the best, this is bout as good as it gets
She rubbing on my chest, I'm kissing on her neck
We're going long, going strong, body full of sweat
And like a sack of strong, Thugga got her mind blown
Every time she come home, she tryna climb on
Addicted to the di*k, stay tryna get a hit
Day time, we make time just to get it quick
I tell her meet me here, like I'm bout to hit a lick
Bring her over, and let her get a quick fix

[Hook: B.o.B]

[Verse 2: B.o.B]
First she wants it slow
Then she wants it beat
Then she wants it deep
Then she taps into that inner freak
Don't be shy, just get loose and show me how wet is yo seat
I like her, and she likes her
And I'm like why must we compete?
Now it's three of us deep in ménage
And I don't need no sheets, I'mma sleep in the stars
And Scorpio's the sign so I'm just the type of guy
We flying where you never been, we finna get high
Yes, higher than you've ever been
Higher than cloud nine
We going where you never been
So sit yo ass down
Like the saying in this song
Let me see you turn around
We got her like the haters
Going down for the count

[Hook: B.o.B]

[Verse 3: Slim Thug]
I aim to please so believe I leave you satisfied
A lifetime warranty whenever you ride
I say that with pride
And I honor that
It's guaranteed good service, you'll be coming back
(Huh) Just like the drug, girl you need Thug
Got you in love, Thug'll make her heart speed up
Roll the weed up, it's time for thug passion
Now put your feet up, and I'ma keep smashin'
Keep lasting till you're higher then you've ever been
I take your mind and body places it ain't never been
Yeah, just hit me up if you need a hit
Thug Boss on his way if she need a fix

[Hook: B.o.B]

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