"My b*tch"

My b*tch, been down when I wasn't sh*t
She keep it 100 dont switch
Cause thats my b*tch
Gave me a safe place for the bricks
Even help me hit a few licks
Still my b*tch
Gotta help a n*gga get rich
Get popped she ain't never gone snitch
Yea thats my b*tch
Go hard she ain't never gone quit naw
She as real as a b*tch get
Cause thats my b*tch

{verse 1}
I got a down b*tch I can ride around with
From the hood I can smoke me a pound with
Keep it g she ain't with all that bullsh*t
Got her own money far from a groupie b*tch
She a dime all around playas want to save her
They tell her Thugga ain't gonna love ya, f*ckin haters
She still by my side she say she can't stand lames
She say her pus*y ain't for sell, you can keep the change
As far as I can tell its a keeper man
Ain't tryna argue with ya baby let you do you
Got me trippin' like its too good to be true


{verse 2}
Been my number one fan before I got a deal
Got a job still keep me with a hot meal
Baddest b*tch I ever met, you gotta see her
Fine as red wine & pretty as Aaliyah
All the hoes hatin' on her cause they wanna be her
Can tell I got love for her, they see how I treat her
She say she down to ride for me & I believe her
I'm gettin love sh*t I think I got a fever
Never thought I'd see the day when I fall in love
Got plenty b*tches but she the only one I'm thinkin' of
Keep my blunt rolled, clothes ironed for the club
She a down ass b*tch, forreal cuz


{verse 4}
I go to jail I dont even make it to the cell
I'm in process she already makin bell
Always on time sh*t it never fails
She right behind a n*gga, cleanin' up my trail
Through all my day to day sh*t its hard to live without her
A n*gga be lookin lost whenever I ain't got her
& them girls better watch what they say
Tryna start sh*t cause my b*tch dont play
She'll scratch never running from a match
b*tch get to talkin reckless she'll put her on her back
On top of that she stay ready to get it
At any givin minute I can hit it
Cause thats my b*tch


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