Game 6 (feat. Dufresne, OG, and Young Teji) lyrics



[Intro: Reporter & Damien Lilliard]
And after what you gave just peronally like-
It dont matter, we lost the game
I mean at this point all that matters is we can't lose another game in this series
We go out there we play to win the game and...
We came up short so we going back home its a must win or else our seasons over then...
Then we gotta come back here and win on that floor again, so I mean thats what it is

[Verse 1: OG]
This sh*t is ridiculous
Your mom in the kitchen she doing my dishes she knows that im blowin up
Im sending a text to your girl and we linking cause she does not give a f*ck
Catch me with the homies we drinking some smoothies can't f*ck with a double cup (ahh, ahh)
Im writing these verses then killing no herses you know how I f*ck it up
Catch me with a baddy if she got a fatty then it will be prompt that she calling me daddy
Next thing that you know im all up in her crib tryna see if her brothers awake and we running some madden (Yo)
Play for a minute than grab a new addy (Yo, Yo)
I slide out the window avoiding her daddy
Boy call me Young Thug because im feeling slatty
Yeah pick up the phone Travis Scott I feel chatty
King of the valley and theres no debating Im starting to feel like Kareem in the 80s (Ugh, Ugh)
Im picking up cash and im sliding on ladies I might f*ck around and go cop a mercedes
Sike, I be whippin that Saab when you see me Im speeding from corner to corner I like driving crazy
My raps are amazing, You rapping so lazy, Im smoking that green till I start feeling hazy

[Chorus: Dufresne]
(Whoo) Im a five figure fellow from the east side of town
Yeah yeah, starting it off with the beat
Yeah yeah, her body is clever to me
Yeah yeah, all of my homies is kings
Yeah yeah, keep me old navy when im at the scene
[Bridge 1: Dufresne]
I pull up to her trailer (Aye)
Then I learn some grammar
And she lick my balls
She likes the way I f*ck her with my manners

[Verse 2: Young Teji & OG]
(Yuh, Yuh)
OG pulled up in the Saab
I get to the money A$AP like the mob
My plug's name is Rob (Yuh)
I trap for a living this sh*t is my job (Aye, Yuh)
I email your girl and she slob on my knob
Im eating this beat up like corn on the cob
Chris Paul, how im throwing the Lob
I catch the lob and dunk on your mother
I came to your house and I f*cked on your brother
Im up on the beat I just float and I hover
Im Damien Liliard, im clutch at the buzzer
Im using that green like a putter
(Aye, Aye)
We on that green like a putter
I hop out the Audi im smooth like some butter
Im from the trenches I came from the gutter
I put it in sport and my exhaust hit a stutter (Skrt)
Whip push to start I dont need any keys
I never slow down when I see the police (Nah)
Im with your mom and shes rubbing my knees
Im slim but my pockets obese (Gang)
The streets going crazy when this sh*t release (On God)
[Chorus: Dufresne]
Starting it off with the beat
Yeah yeah, her body is clever to me (Woo)
Yeah yeah, all of my homies is kings
Yeah yeah, keep me old navy when im at the scene
Yeah yeah (Bihh)

[Verse 3: OG]
Yeah yeah
Dominos Pizza you know how I eat
Step on your shins in my New Balance cleats
Im working these verses and feeling so marvelous
Money my crop and that sh*t getting harvested
Dont got extendos, go up like crecendo
Yo b*tch wanna play me im not a Nintendo
Im doing the limbo the way I be ducking and curving these minos they know im that gringo with racks in my pocket

[Bridge 2: Dufresne]
(Bihh) Ayee
You slippery, dont come my way
This Glock is fatal, Shes an angel
And she gotta, she gotta be baker with that type of cake
Im confident and lucky that I think a certain way
Cause I know im gonna make so much f*ckin money ayeee
I can't till if your testing me
Im going up with energy
[Verse 5: Young Teji]
(Yuh, Aye)
Pass me the ball I pull up and thats game
In the fourth quarter I feel like im Dame
You fellas are lame
Me and my Glock both got accurate aim (Bow)
Ive got no shame
I got your mom exclaiming my name
Nah, I won't change when I get the fame
Im dripping sauce like a ladle
Im not a Jew, but I spin blocks like a dradel
All by myself man I dont need a label
Im sipping syrup, nah it ain't maple
Game 6, Im on my sh*t like a cradle
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