Mother Road lyrics


Grace Potter

[Verse 1]
I checked in at the crossroads
I met some strange folk, they ran a cheap motel
I could hear every whisper through the walls of the rooms
Felt a little like a prison cell
I wrote a song about a dream I had
Then they rang the dinner bell
Then they whooped and they hollered when I came in
Sayin', "Girl, you're going straight to Hell"

Down Mother Road
Once again I turn to you
'Cause you know how I feel, Mama
You've been run over too
Can I lean on your shouldеr?
Until my feet find the ground, yeah
Wherеver I'm headed
Mama, don't let it be down, yeah

[Verse 2]
I took a little detour out to the crater
The sky was wild with rage
I drove my car like a rocket takin' off, down that sunset straightaway
There's an endlessness in the way I feel
When I wrap my hands around that wheel
Only I know just how far I'm gonna go-go-go
Down The Mother Road
I always come back to you, Mama
You know just how I feel, you've been run over too
Can I lean on your shoulder?
Just until my feet find the ground
And wherever I'm headed
Mama, don't let it be down

Oh, she won't never let me, let me, let me
Let me down, Mama

And I don't really know if the day will ever come
When I'll find that peace within
But as I roll down this rugged highway
I'm closer than I've ever been, yeah-yeah

Caught in Oklahoma, drivin' too fast
I felt my world slow down
And I made my confession to the highway patrol
I said, "I was lost but now I'm finally found"
Well, she gave me a ticket anyway
And I didn't put up a fight
'Cause I've driven a million miles, lived a million lives
Now Mama's headed home tonight
Down Mother Road
I always come back to you, yeah
Show me the way, Mama, just like you always do
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm gonna find my true North
Out West or down South
And I’ll keep on rolling 'til I figure it out
And wherever I'm headed
Mama don't let it be down

I'll see you next time
(Mama don't let it be down) Down that road
I'll be out there somewhere on that wild old trail (Mama don't let it be down)
You know Tuc*mcari, Romeoville, Amarillo
Find, find, find, findin' whatever I'm, I'm lookin' for
I'll find it out on The Mother Road, yeah
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