Cool About It lyrics


Lucy Dacus

[Verse 1: Baker]
I met you at the dive bar to go shoot some pool
Owned me in front of the cowboys with the neck tattoos
Ask you easy questions about work and school
I'm trying to be cool about it
Feeling like an absolute fool about it
Wishing you were kind enough to be cruel about it
Telling myself I can always do without it
Even though I know it isn't true

[Verse 2: Dacus, Dacus & Baker]
I can prepare for absolution if you'd only ask
So I take some offense when you say “no regrets”
I remember it's impossible to pass your test
But I'm trying to forget about it
Feeling like I'm breaking a sweat about it
Wishing you’d kindly get out of my hеad about it
Telling myself one day I'll forgеt about it
Knowing that it probably isn't true

[Verse 3: Bridgers, All]
Once I took your medication to know what it's like
And now I have to act like I can't read your mind
I ask you how you're doing and I let you lie
We don't have to talk about it
I can walk you home and practice method acting
I'll pretend being with you doesn't feel like drowning
Tell the mirror it's nice to see how good you're doing
Even though we know it isn't true
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