Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work from home I go
To the front door then back once more and then check my signs are vital
'Cause I'm liable for the pyro that I wrote with my biro
If you know what I mean, COVID-19 is bringin' new meaning to goin' viral, like woah
There's a war going on outside no man is safe from
How many goddamn times do you gotta be told "just stay home"
Negative messaging getting repetitive, give 'em a dose of their medicine
I cannot help get a little competitive, I got more lines than a Centrelink, look
Right now we f*cked up, economy going down bad
Watching the curve goin' up—up, we gotta slow it down stat, down stat
From the Inner West to the out—outback
Don't ask 'cause, nah, I ain't comin' to your barbie, you won't catch me outside, how 'bout that?
Staring out the window, locked down with my kin folk
And I'm weighed down 'cause the gyms closed, so we glued to the screen for the info, so
Look, don't invite me over, it was nice to know ya, but that time is over
I'ma die a loner; you'll find me at home sip—sippin' on m—my Corona
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