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YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Lyrics from Snippet

She say that she in love, in love baby how you know?
She say "because I think about you time me and my dude f*ck"
I say "I f*ck with you don't mention love 'cause baby you should know, I just love this money, my diamonds and foreign's"
I say you igging me you acting
Bored as f*ck so catch me in the room upside down on the mattress
I keep losing on 2k so I just switch it and play Madden, or play Call of Duty, this my call of duty check out how I do it

{Verse 1}
Got to stand on slime allegiance, that money times two it
I'm like Johnny Cage, you see my clan ain't phased
Hold up bae let's play a game "ok what it's called?"
It's called blow yo' brains, whip that blicky out she say "f*ck no boy you insanе!"
I can't leave the housе but still I got my diamond chains on
I got diamonds rings on with a AP on my arm
Whack that boy then clean it up, n*gga I'll get your stain gone
If you love me let me f*ck, then sit down and learn this song

She say that she in love, in love baby how you know? (Uh, uh, uh)
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