**SPIRITUAL** lyrics


Kenny Mason


I'm from the land where teens tote, tighten up or get free smoke
I'ma star with that fire
I stay in beast mode, n*ggas robbin' in each zone
The risk is high, the ravens is cheap though
Let me know, I can link bro
I stick to the code and to the cheat codes 'cause it's easy to reload
It's GTA in the 6
No eta, b*tch, I'm here
Never restate what hear
Hopin' the haters can heal
The hurt in their ankles, havin' to stay on they heels
Tеstin' my mental
Testin' the Smith on my hip
Nеw testament, b*tch, I'm hymn
Bestin' the best, know I'm best for the belt
I'm all you hear in the whip
Racks in the bank
Risin' up rapidly, step on a rapper with rank
Chopper attached with the blades
Choppin' the grass with the blades to rattle the snakes (Choo, choo, choo, choo)
My n*ggas lit, ain't no matchin' the gang
Y'all n*ggas lit like a match in the rain
Wet up yo' team like a match in the rain
Back in days, back of the class, I would daze
Vision, imaginin' fame
I was a mannequin, standing on gang
I never panicked, I managed the pain
Then I became (Then I became) the man I was plannin' to be
I done adapted to havin' this cream
You gettin' cream but it's vanishing cream
f*cking this spiritual hoe
Switching my gear in the 4
Scratch off the serial, n*ggas is toast
Ain't got no fear in a foe
Look out for 12 when I'm steering this hoe
Scratch off the serial, n*ggas is toast
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