J. Cole

"Knock tha Hustle (Remix)"

[Intro: Cozz]
Yeah, third take, n*gga
Cozz & Effect, n*gga
Yeah, yeah, I got to
Yeah, yeah, yo, uh

[Verse 1: Cozz]
Jealousy holding enemies hostage
Eventually the penalty will come and haunt ya
Hennessey memories leaving me nauseous
But the Hennessy makes the melodies awesome
So instead of me talking I'm steady jotting
And steady plotting on how to gain spaghetti toppings
You know that parmesan, that cheddar, mozzarella
The list goes on and on you know my heart is strong
I'm a young phenomenon
It's like these people keep forgetting
It's always the least expected who ends up getting it
So don't tell me bout no n*ggas hating
What's the point if I hear
Mr. not giving a f*ck with a joint in his ear
Put that steak on his plate the sirloin disappear
Empty gut I'm hungry man, the guns pointing this year
I'm feeling like I'm dealing with children boy I'm killing
n*ggas already trying to bite styles
You break a tooth if you bite down
b*tch I go way too hard

[Hook 1: Cozz]
Cause I've been in this hood dog for way too long man
I've been quiet for way too long
Been patiently waiting, can't wait too long dog
I've been broke man for way too long
No hot water for way too long
You can't knock the hustle it's way too strong
Man we're way too strong

[Verse 2: Cozz]
Let me touch you with my words, kiss you with a song
Let me f*ck you mentally, caress you with a melody
I do it for my enemies but especially for my dogs
So we all get to eat a full bowl of pedigree
These full time hoes get a full bowl of f*ck you I'm getting cheese
Well sh*t, I'm trying to
So I really can't spend time with you
I can't lie to you, to tell the truth
I just wanna lie with you
If that's fine with you
I don't wanna spend no time in school
It's a waste of time
And you can't always do what your parents like all the time
Plus, i got enough degrees anyway
Check my Fahrenheit you see the charts on the table
f*ck getting somber we probably start a label
f*ck getting mine boy I'm tryna feed the table
f*ck being fine girl you gotta have a brain too
You gotta have a brain too cus

[Hook 2: Cozz]
I've been chasing dumb hoes for way too long
I've been in this hood dog for way too long
I've been patiently waiting for way too long
I've been quiet dog for way too long
You can't knock the hustle boy it's way too strong
We've been trying for way too long
Bout to get off been waiting too long n*gga

[Verse 3: J. Cole]
Death to the imposters, label me the king
My dreams could win Oscars, my n*ggas turned mobsters
My white friends doctors, fatherless child
Listen how I got this knowledge is wild
Streets taught me, speak softly n*gga watch from the crowd
Cause any n*gga that's loud, just want attention and eventually blaow
No fake n*ggas allowed in my circle dawg
You been through half the sh*t I been through it'll hurt ya dawg
Tread softly, my n*gga moving state-to-state, running late, watch 'em
Tryna avoid state troopers, that's the weight watchers
Run this dope set, this cake, till they say, "Gotcha"
Or till the fat lady sings, and n*ggas hate operas
And Oprah hate n*ggas
Make no mistake that we know the stake still, we hope to make over eight figures
Slim chances, but n*ggas bet against the odds and who am I to criticise how you play your cards dawg

[Hook 3: J. Cole]
Cause I done beat the odds going way too hard
I been getting slept on for way too long
I been patiently waiting for way too long
I been quiet dawg for way too long
You can't knock the hustle dawg it's way too strong
It's way too strong
I said you can't knock my hustle dawg it's way too strong
It's way too strong

[Verse 4: J. Cole]
Look, I never admit it, tryna get my brother acquitted
Yo' tell the judge I be happy to pay him off if he's with it
My flesh and blood, hauled off to the cell
I search for heaven as I see him getting lost in this hell
Headed for coffin or jail, to never try is the ultimate fail
But love is wanting more for someone than they want for themselves
Deep, I guess I love a lot
Because the more I do my thang the more I feel the guilt and shame that my brother's not
Reminisce as we was kids screaming "f*ck a cop"
Guess he took it serious, for me that sh*t was just for props
Arms too skinny to hug the block
I found comfort in my dreams of things seen on the screen of fortune and fame
Decisions, decisions, the Porsche or the Range
I take a trip back to the 'Ville only corpses remain
Some of them n*ggas still breathing but they dead inside
Victims of a genocide
Tears fill my eyes dawg

[Hook 4: J. Cole]
Cause I've been out of touch man for way too long
I've been out in Hollywood for way too long
I've been, getting this paper for way too long
I ain't called my pops back in way too long
I done make my girl wait for way too long
I wonder if I changed, am I way too on?
Can't knock my hustle, but it's way too strong
It's way too strong

[Outro: J. Cole]
Cozz & Effect
Cole World
Let me hear that back

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