J. Cole

"Get It"

Gotta get my groove back, you know?
It's been a little minute

[Verse: 1]
Label me greedy, but see me finish what Peedi started
From Carolina where n*ggas spray like graffiti artists
The south n*gga, n*ggas used to think we retarded
And slow as hell, but well well, now we regarded as the n*ggas (yea)
I f*ck with non rapping n*ggas, non clapping n*ggas
n*ggas is real, y'all is action figures (ha)
Ain't into acting bigger than I really am
Ain't no two ways around it, motherf*cker I'm the man
Where the beef at?
Back in the days I ain't even go out for recess
A n*gga don't play, man, I been living okay
Been up in Queens where they 'rid of those foes
And n*ggas GATs got bodies like video hoes
It's J.Cole, you not f*cking with just any old flow
I'm like the '95 Penny, you like Penny '04
No disrespect to my favorite player
n*ggas praying a n*gga never see the day a n*gga rich
So I'm slaying n*ggas, yea

This is for my n*ggas tryna make it
Watch out for them evil ass n*ggas tryna take it, uh
They love to see a n*gga dead up, in jail
Living in a world where we set up to fail
But I'm a get it, n*gga I'm finna to get it
I'm a get it, n*gga I'm finna to get it
I'm a get it, n*gga I'm finna to get it (yea)
I'm a get it, n*gga I gotta get it

[Verse: 2]
n*ggas in the streets, no
n*ggas blessed beats
I got that priest flow, heavenly
You gonna cross over if he reach for the rock
Just a figure a speech for the Glock
From the Ville, where police know the heat flow a lot (yea)
Like a beach yo, it's hot
n*ggas laid out
Caught a fake n*gga centerfield it's cause they played out
Watch our boys fade out, n*ggas tryna hate
If he only knew my di*k's in his dame's mouth
Just made out, came out the woodworks
Now they tryna peep a n*gga footwork
I'm getting real green, y'all n*ggas playing on some good turf
Fake money, scared money, never make money
And a n*gga never fear nothing but God
f*ck a facade
I'm just focused on stuffing my pockets up with them wads and sh*t
Hundred thousand dollar deposit sh*t
Been dreaming 'bout millions since a n*gga was five or six
And so I strive, I'm the God, this some bible sh*t
n*gga I


[Verse: 3]
Tell 'em Geppettos my n*ggas in ghettos with Scarface dreams
On the block with the hard hate, that's all they seen
n*ggas killing n*ggas in broad day on all they screens
Watching cops loving car chase scenes
n*ggas arrested
Treat us like roaches, the prison's n*gga infested
They hate to see the day we ain't slain, n*ggas invested
All created equal looks like equal to a less than
Depending on your race, or depending on your address, man
I've been blessed, was given less and but still progress, man
I hate to see the position my n*ggas left in
Sling dope or n*gga you slave for minimum wage
But we living in the cage, so n*gga get paid, sh*t
How could I tell a n*gga not to hustle?
Yea it's a better life my n*gga, but it's not for us though
Instead they wanted us to break
They never wanted us to make it, yea
To my n*ggas smart enough to be smart enough to take it, n*gga!

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