666 lyrics



[Intro: Satan]

Yeahhh, it’s f*ckin Satan b*tch
I’m a f*ckin demon from f*ckin Hell
I’ve come to take the f*ckin gays, and the f*ckin queers, and the f*ckin league players

[Verse 1: Satan]

Yeah b*tch you’re gonna f*ckin die
I’m gonna f*ckin kill you in the f*ckin eye
My name is Satan, Lucifer, Lucy
I’ll take any *laughs*

[Verse 2: Satan]

I’m the f*ckin leader of the f*ckin cult b*tch
You’re gonna f*ckin smell my god damn fart b*tch
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It’s f*ckin Satan!
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