Globe lyrics



(Yeah, yeah, Neeko, you made that motherf*ckin' beat? Ah, nah, you ain't make that motherf*cker)

Ayy, we made the wave, yeah, that these n*ggas talking 'bout
Yeah, that K hit his face, yeah, my n*gga, yeah, he walked him down
Yeah, I got too much cake, guess I'm a target now
Double R, yeah, that's the gang, your ex tryna call me, yeah
I can't cut this ho went ghost, flew his ho right cross the coast
I been sipping on too much codeine, they praying I don't overdose
All these lil' n*ggas, they some juggs, and we flying across the globe
n*gga ain't did no shows yet, so why these n*ggas upset
n*gga, don't get your set wet
His ho give the best neck
I remember sipping hi-tech
Kan, how much you made? A lot, n*gga
We pull AMG's off lots, n*gga
I can't f*ck with thot b*tches
I can't f*ck with cop n*ggas
Free lil' Wick, he known to pop n*ggas
Okay, free lil' Top, n*gga
One of my n*ggas seen nine figures
Ain't no rat n*gga, yeah, I just [?]
She just eating sucking raw di*k
I can't put [?]
If that n*gga try to up his pole then we gon' start a riot
n*gga we tryna up that score gon' send me to that island
b*tch, I'm a higher than a pilot
I don't need no, I don't need no, yeah
Bad b*tch wanna, bad b*tch just wanna give me head
f*ck the fame, n*gga, I just want more meds
Put that Draco to his head
Yeah, f*ck what that n*gga said
Yeah, slimy n*gga, double R, n*gga, yeah, that's the gang, yeah
Got a model b*tch in the A but half these be grimy
These b*tches wanna know my name, could've bought her a diamond chain
But I spent that sh*t on drank, know I poured the whole thing
Draco take his nose ring
Bad lil' white b*tch, she just want more cocaine, yeah
Bad b*tch just want cocaine
Bad b*tch just want cocaine
Draco take his, ha
Draco take his nose ring
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