Love Medley - I Believe in You and Me / Why Does It Hurt So Bad / It Hurts Like Hell lyrics


Whitney Houston

I believe in you and me
I believe that we will be in love eternally
Well, as far as I can see
You will always be the one for me
Oh, yes you will

And I believe in dreams again
I believe that love will never end
And like the river finds the sea
I was lost, now I'm free
I believe in you and me

Maybe I'm a fool to feel the way I do
I will play the fool forever
Just to be with you forever

Why does it hurt so bad?
Why do I feel so sad?
Thought I was over you
But I keep crying
When I don't love you
So why does it hurt so bad
I thought I had let you go
So, why does it hurt me so
I gotta get, I gotta get, I gotta get you outta my head
It hurts so bad
Oh, Baby, Do You

Love was always supposed to be
Something wonderful to me
To watch it grow inside yourself
To feel your heart beside itself

(Sometimes it hurts to even laugh), Give you know
(You do your best but it's still much too sad) it's still much too sad
(Sometimes the pain is just too much,) oh oh
(And it hurts like hell, that's the way it feels) feels

True love, it has no hiding place
It's not something you just put away
It's always there inside of you
Oh, and it shows in everything you do

(Sometimes it hurts to love so bad)
(When you know you've given it your best)
(Sometimes it hurts to even laugh) Oh, Oh
(You feel a thousand miles from happiness)
(Sometimes the pain is just too much) Oh, Baby, Baby
(And it hurts like hell, that's the way it feels)

And it hurts like the som
And it hurts like Youu
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