Gorilla Zoe

"Intro (LeBron Flocka James)"

n*gga, I'm ready, shawty
n*gga, I'm ready, shawty
Three minutes, n*gga
And we down by twenty, n*gga
LeBron Flocka James, can I come back, dog?
Can we win the game, shawty?
Can we do it, Teknikz?
Man, these folks tripping, shawty
These folks acting like I won't motherf*cking shoot up a party, n*gga
You can call me "Party Pooper Shawty", n*gga
We'll shoot this sh*t up, give a f*ck about your momma
Your daughter, your sister, your girl, your buddy
Nobody, n*gga
These n*ggas got me mad out here, n*gga
Real talk, all these f*ck n*ggas out here ego tripping, boy
For real, n*gga
We growing grass and snakes trying to swim in that motherf*cker
Swivel in that b*tch
Do what the f*ck you want to do, n*gga
This Flocka, n*gga
I'm never gonna stop, n*gga
Down south gutter music, n*gga
Gangsta hop, n*gga
f*ck what y'all n*ggas talking about, man
Real talk

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