Gorilla Zoe

"Waka Breaks Down 1017 Brick Squad"

Man, LFJ, man
I'm in this motherf*cker, man
Waka Flocka, man
Yeah, n*gga, shout out to Fab 5, n*gga
Hit Squad, n*gga
Brick Squad shawty, man
In the club with the forty, man
And I ain't bullsh*tting, man
Real talk, n*gga
This the Brick Squad clique right here: Frenchie, Wooh, Juice, Gucci
n*gga, if I ain't say your name, n*gga, you ain't Brick Squad, n*gga
I don't f*ck with you if you ain't Fab 5 or Hit Squad, n*gga
f*ck what you talking 'bout, these ego tripping pus*y ass n*ggas
Brick Squad USA, man
Signed to 1017 Brick Squad Records/Asylum, Warner Brothers
And I'm chasing checks and racks

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